We put these products on the map.

Our world-class team of Direct Response industry experts are seeking finished products and infomercials in need of distribution through DRTV and/or retail. OR if you don't have an infomercial, we will make one for you!

Case Studies

Industry veteran Andy Tobias invented a next generation garment steamer and created a powerful infomercial to sell it. He selected the Ideal Living™ team to handle infomercial, internet & retail sales in the U.S. Over $30 million in media generated over 750,000 units sold in DRTV & Retail, and Tobi® became the number one garment steamer in America.

International DRTV company Industex selected Ideal Living to run their DRTV and retail campaign in the US for their successful international hit product PaintZoom®. Ideal Living™ customized the infomercial offer for the US market adding a multi-pay offer structure, free premiums to create greater value and designing an upgraded model to upsell. In full roll-out now!

Inventor Ken Hegemann spent over 15 years and million of dollars developing an entirely new way to brush your teeth. He selected Ideal Living™ team to oversee production of his infomercial, manage manufacturing, and handle infomercial, internet and retail sales worldwide. Ideal Living™ did that and more: reducing product cost by 50%, naming the product, developing unique premiums to create greater value, and designing an upgraded model to upsell. In full roll-out now!

Walk Fit™ Orthotics. In 2003, Peter Spiegel received a call from an old friend who told him about an orthotic being sold by his chiropractor for $240. It turned out the product was based on an expired patent. Under Peter’s guidance, numerous new patented innovations were added to make the product more effective, comfortable and affordable. Introduced in 2004, with a selling price of only $19.95, over $60 million has been spent to broadcast three infomercials for Walk Fit® orthotics in the United States and over 10 million pairs have been sold in over 100 countries around the world. Ideal Living’s Walk Fit® orthotic is the number one affordable semi-custom orthotic in the world. And by the way, Peter’s friend received a very substantial finder’s fee.!

Miracle Blade™ Knives. In 1992, one of Peter Spiegel's business partners watched with awe and amazement kitchen knives being sold by demonstrators at County Fairs. She thought she could sell them on an infomercial. Her intuition was right and since 1992 Miracle Blade has become one of the best selling knife brands on the entire planet. In fact, the third generation of Miracle Blade™ knives, the Perfection™ Series has sold over 40 million individual knives around the world. Based on this platform of success, Ideal Living is launching the new Miracle Blade™ IV World Class knives.

Light Relief™. In 2004, Peter Spiegel became interested in newly published scientific research on the pain relief benefits of visible and infrared LED light. After doing an extensive search of the FDA-cleared devices database, he directed his company to license the underlying technology to an FDA cleared technology. Under Peter’s guidance, the product was improved by adding a novel attractive case and flexible removable "light pad". With almost $100 million in sales since 2004, Light Relief™ is by far the best-selling light-based pain relief device in the world.